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Use Of Content

The Content and other Information (as defined below) made available on the Site may be used by you only for the purposes set forth in this Terms of Use. You agree to comply with the Terms of Use and all policies, restrictions and procedures posted by WBITVP on the Site from time to time regarding the use, publication, posting and/or dissemination of such Content. Unless agreed otherwise in writing in advance by WBITVP, if you are granted use of the Site by WBITVP, you must observe (and ensure that everyone within your organization who has use of the Site is aware of and observes) (a) any specific requirements set out on the Site in relation to any particular Content; and (b) the following:

•You may only use the Site and/or Content for the purpose of (i) reviewing and/or educating yourself about the Content; (ii) presenting the Content to prospective licensees for the purposes of promoting the availability of the Content for licensing purposes in the Territory;

•The Content may not be broadcast or otherwise communicated to the public without the prior written approval of WBITVP. Subsequently, the Content shall not be sold, loaned, transferred and/or syndicated to any third party without WBITVP’s prior written approval.

•Content must only be used during the period for which it is available on the Site. The Content must be stored safely to prevent unauthorized use, access or copying during this time and then destroyed or returned to WBITVP on WBITVP’s request

•Any use of the Content must include all logos, symbols, credits, artwork, copyright notices and/or other wording requested by WBITVP and/or included with the Content on the Site.

•The Content may not be altered, resequenced, reordered, decompiled, edited or modified in any way (including, without limitation, by altering any encryption, or any burnt-in/embedded warnings or watermarks, whether visible or invisible, and however located, encoded or displayed). You must first obtain written permission and approval from WBITVP for any changes to the Content.

•The Content, or any elements thereof, may not be used to create new works of any kind or nature, including, without limitation, those which are derivative of the Content without prior written approval from WBITVP in each case

•All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved exclusively to WBITVP and you agree not to use any Content in any way not authorized. You further acknowledge and agree that WBITVP owns and retains all right, title and interest in each and every copy of the Content made by you or on your behalf.